Some good advice for new owners!

If the dog pees in the house it is not his/her fault - the fault is the owner's! He/she did not take out the dog for a walk in sufficiently regular times - which which should take place at the same time each day. So when you leave the dog at home alone, he/she should be kept in a room where you can easily clean up in case of making some mess. If you can, you should make him/her used to diapers, but should not let him/her get to a room where he/she can pee on a carpet. You can buy a potion which when dripped on the diapers will make the dog to go there to do his/her dirty work.

You should be 'mean owners' and leave him/her alone on the first day for 1-2 hours. He/she should not get used to that someone is with him/her at all times. He/she should get an own place - for example a basket or a blanket.

In the havanese kind we get a smart, fast learning and very playful companion for 12-15 years.

I wish much patience for each would-be owner - which patience will be thanked by the dog who is going to bring much happiness into the life of your family.